Ford Ranger mới không còn cảm biến chống trộm - Ảnh 1.

Equipment for the Ford Ranger was omitted - Photo: Ford

    According to  Drive, Ford has informed dealers in Australia that the new Ranger update is about to enter production as Model Year 2023. Perhaps this calling comes from the fact that the new Ford Ranger will lose some features due to a shortage of semiconductors.

    Specifically, the updated Ford Ranger produced in March 2023 will no longer be equipped with two high-tech anti-theft sensors.

    The lack of motion detection sensors makes it impossible for the Ford Ranger to detect occupants after the doors are locked. Meanwhile, the lack of a vibration sensor makes it possible for thieves to forcibly activate the vehicle without an alarm. However, the Ford Ranger still warns that the bonnet or door opens when the vehicle is locked.

    In addition to the above two types of sensors, the updated Ford Ranger 2023 will not be equipped with heated mirrors, also due to a lack of semiconductors. But it's not clear which variants this will affect, as this equipment hasn't appeared in the spec sheet for the Ford pickup as of March 2022.

Ford Ranger mới không còn cảm biến chống trộm - Ảnh 2.

But the Ford Ranger 203.5 with small changes still becomes more expensive - Photo: Ford

    Production of the updated Ford Ranger with missing features is expected to begin in March 2023 with deliveries around mid-year. Despite being "cut off" features, this Ford Ranger 2023.5 will still increase the price, expected to be about 250 - 1,000 USD compared to the previous model.

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