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General knowledge of tires and tubes

General knowledge of tires and tubes

    Tires and tubes are important and indispensable components of car vehicles, playing a decisive role in the performance, safety, and durability of the vehicle. In this article, we will learn about the basics of tires and tubes.


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1. Concepts:

    Tires are an important part of the vehicle's suspension system, mounted on the wheels and helping to reduce shocks, improve handling and increase the durability of the vehicle. Tires also play an important role in protecting other parts of the vehicle against collisions and erosion.

2. Structure:

    Tires consist of two main parts, the shell, and the lining. The shell is made from layers of internal bearing fibers, covered with rubber to form a contact surface with the road. The lining is made of soft rubber and has a shock absorber function, helping the tire to withstand impacts and reduce vibrations.

3. Type of tire:

    Currently, on the market, there are many different types of tires such as ordinary tires, special tires, anti-nail tires, and specialized tires... Each type of tire has its own advantages and limitations, suitable for all types of tires. suit the different user needs of the driver.

4. Maintenance:

    To ensure safety and increase tire life, drivers need to regularly check tire pressure, change tires when necessary, and avoid riding on rough terrain and bad roads to minimize tire damage.


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1. The concept and function of the tube:

    The inner tube is a piece of rubber or similar material that is wrapped in the tire to keep the pressure inside the tire. The inner tube is designed to make the tire more resilient and prevent damage in the event of a crash while increasing the durability of the tire.

The inner lining helps the tires to keep the pressure during use, ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. If the tire has no inner tube, the tire pressure will gradually decrease over time and make the vehicle difficult to control, and dangerous for the driver and passengers on the vehicle.

2. Types of tube:

Currently, there are two popular types of tires on the market: wheel hubs and wheel hubs.

Wheel tube: used for car vehicles with rims, consisting of two different pieces of gutter, fitted to the tire and the foot of the wheel. Wheels help the car to withstand large loads and increase the durability of the tires.

Tire inner tube: used for vehicles with solid tires, and installed inside the tire. The tire tread helps the tire to hold pressure and has better durability, especially when used on rough terrain.

3. How to choose to buy and maintain tires:

    When choosing to buy a car gutter, users need to pay attention to the size, thickness, material, and taper, and also need to choose good quality products, from brands with the load capacity of the guts that are suitable for your vehicle. In addition, be very careful to choose reputable suppliers, products, and good warranty policies.

To maintain the inside of the car, the user needs to ensure that the tire pressure is within the allowable limit and does not overload the vehicle.

In addition, when performing a tire inspection, it is also important to check the inside of the vehicle at the same time to make sure there are no holes or deflation, as small holes can lead to a loss of tire pressure and endanger the occupants. driver and passengers on board.

When replacing the inner tube, make sure the new one is of the same size and quality as the old one, and installed properly to ensure maximum efficiency.

4. Conclusion:

    The inner tube is an important part of the tire, helping the tire to keep pressure and increase durability when traveling. Choosing to buy and maintain the car's guts properly will help increase the safety and efficiency of the car. If a tire is found to have a hole or loss of pressure, it is necessary to check the inside of the car to ensure safety during use.

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